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BETRAYED Full Movie In Hindi | Blockbuster Hollywood Mafia Action Movie | Hindi Dubbed Action Movies - YouTube

Betrayed Full Movie In Hindi Free Download: A Review of the 1988 Spy Thriller

If you are looking for a gripping and suspenseful movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you might want to check out Betrayed, a 1988 spy thriller directed by Costa-Gavras and written by Joe Eszterhas. The movie stars Debra Winger as Catherine Weaver, a journalist who infiltrates a white supremacist group, and Tom Berenger as Gary Simmons, a farmer and leader of the group. The movie explores themes such as extremism, deception, identity, and loyalty, as Catherine finds herself torn between her duty and her feelings.

Betrayed Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

In this article, we will review the story, the reception, and the availability of Betrayed full movie in Hindi free download. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about the movie or its Hindi version. The Story of Betrayed

The Plot

The movie begins with a shocking scene of a Jewish radio host being assassinated by a masked gunman in Chicago. The FBI suspects that the killer is part of a white supremacist group that operates in rural Illinois. Catherine Weaver (Debra Winger), a journalist who works for a liberal magazine, volunteers to go undercover and infiltrate the group. Catherine poses as Katie Phillips, a widow who moves to a small town near Gary Simmons (Tom Berenger), a farmer who is suspected of being involved in the murder. She befriends Gary and his family, who are warm and welcoming to her. She also meets other members of the group, such as Shorty (John Mahoney), Wes (Ted Levine), Flynn (Jeffrey DeMunn), and Jack Carpenter (David Clennon), who is Gary's contact in Chicago. Catherine soon discovers that Gary is not only a member but also a leader of the group, which calls itself "the Organization". The group is planning to carry out more attacks against Jews, blacks, communists, and other "enemies" of America. Catherine also learns that Gary is a former Vietnam veteran who became disillusioned with his country after witnessing atrocities during the war. As Catherine gets deeper into the group's activities, she also develops feelings for Gary, who seems to be genuinely in love with her. She finds herself conflicted between her loyalty to her mission and her attraction to Gary b70169992d


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