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Soom T - Good (Official !!INSTALL!! Full Album)

Soom T. I believe that our art, lyrics, words and intellectual output is a direct reflection of our own inner thought process. My own clearly reflect my views of the world as a dark and awful place full of greed, corruption, war, lies, control, and Godlessness, but my faith in my precious Lord Jesus gives me hope and also eyes to see the good still in the world that no darkness can every touch because the Lord is still in control despite all the devil does to destroy what is good. This applies to people too. There is a light within all people that no evil will ever fully eradicate giving me hope that all people no matter what evil has touched them, can be saved from their dark road and brought to a place of good. There are most definitely times where the Holy Spirit of the Lord himself takes over his host bodies to offer a message of truth and hope to his struggling children on the earth, and I am certainly one of his tools due to the faith I have in the Lord as my shepherd and in that fact I rejoice daily. I suppose that is where the best and most powerful of lyrics come from, not from the tool itself but from the one wielding that tool. It is the Lord God whose son Jesus that wields those who have faith in him and that my friend gives me only the greatest hope and unbridled joy.

Soom T - Good (Official Full Album)

Soom T. That is encouraging. The very first songs were recorded in 2011. Most of the early recordings never made it to the final cut. In the end, I had over 70 demos. Towards the end of 2017, I realized I needed to re-record a few songs with a live band, so my stage band re-recorded them but instead created brand new songs. I ended up with seven new songs, recorded live, and composed alongside Xavier Waks, our mixing engineer, and the musicians. The results were so good that many tracks were dropped to make room for these songs. We had three days of rehearsal and seven separate studio sessions for those seven songs, and what a learning curve it was. Songs previously recorded with several producers who are GAUDI, KIKO, and Alex Dupuis, were carefully selected, and with the help of Alex, Cyril, and Julie Cescut from Xray, an agreeable tracklist was established, with some bombs being dropped due to sample issues. It was heartbreaking, but in the end, we all agreed that after 10 years of recording and writing demos, we had a finished album. 041b061a72


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