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I don't think you understand how detection works. Detection means the client tells the server the bot is injected.If you use patterns, grind for hours on end, don't do quests, use non-human behavior etc they can track that statistically. It doesn't mean the bot is detected.I've it for years on Warmane and it's been safe except when I got caught. It was only ever detected on an old version, but that was fixed. So if you are using the old cracked WRobot... go figure.

WRobot cracked (TBC-WOTLK-LEGION)

im with you about warmane bans, i dont think the bot itself is detected, more like very active gms banning bots. even i can do it without access to their db. got tons of lvling bots, hard to monitor them. about the ip problematic, it seems warmane doesnt care at all about ip. had tests with multiple bots on same ip and pc also with my main on it and bots gets banned seperatly. main is still friend tried grinding in terrokar with lvl 70 on a pretty popular spot, same time i was in voice with him. after 15min his char got ported multiple times during a fight by few inches. i guess to check the immediate bot movement to the mob (it was a rogue). he immediatly wrote ??? in /s and the gm whispered him sorry bot check. after that he closed the bot and grinded another 15 min by hand with ctm like a dumbass bot.Another point which confirms for me that wrobot is not detected is, bgs works without any problems if you have a good routine and profiles. grinded 300k honor without any problems.Also i found out lvling during midnight is much safer than any other time (EU time), which confirms for me even more its just very active gms since most players are eu based.

I wanted the same and I also miss alot of Reputation/Achievment/Mount/Petfarm Profiles here. I moved here as the cracked version of Pirox is not very great, still Pirox has fcking shitloads of Profiles...


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