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Watch and Download Tyaagi Movie in MP4 Quality - Rajinikanth's Revenge Story

How to Download Tyaagi Movie in MP4 Format for Free

Tyaagi is a 1992 Indian Hindi-language action drama film starring Rajinikanth, Jaya Prada, Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Gulshan Grover, and Prem Chopra. The film is a remake of the 1989 Kannada film Deva, which Rajinikanth had earlier remade in Tamil in 1991 as Dharma Durai. The film tells the story of Shankar, a brother who sacrifices his life for his siblings, but later realizes their betrayal and seeks revenge. If you are a fan of Rajinikanth or action movies, you might want to watch this movie online or offline. In this article, we will show you how to download Tyaagi movie in MP4 format for free using a simple and reliable tool.

mp4 free download Tyaagi movie

What is Tyaagi Movie and Why You Should Watch It

Tyaagi movie is a classic example of Rajinikanth's versatility and charisma as an actor. He plays the role of Shankar, a loyal and honest brother who takes the blame for his brother's crime and goes to jail. He later finds out that his brothers have cheated him and his family, and decides to take revenge. The film has a lot of action, drama, emotion, and twists that will keep you hooked till the end. The film also has a great supporting cast, including Jaya Prada as Shankar's wife, Kader Khan as his father, Shakti Kapoor and Gulshan Grover as his brothers, Prem Chopra as the villain, and Bhagyashree as his niece.

Tyaagi Movie Plot and Cast

The plot of Tyaagi movie is as follows:

  • Shankar, as the eldest son of Chaudhary Ganga Prasad Dayal, has always made sacrifices for his two siblings, Shakti and Prem. He financed them by mortgaging his valuables and property, much to the chagrin of his dad.

  • When Shakti rapes Sujata, and is arrested, Shankar negotiates with Sujata and gets her to withdraw the complaint and marry Shakti.

  • When Shakti, Prem, and Sujata re-locate, the two brothers get involved with smuggler and underworld Don, Dhabla, they end up swindling him.

  • When Dhabla's partner seeks vengeance, Shakti kills him, and Shankar accepts the blame and is sentenced to prison for life, leaving his dad, wife, Parvati and a newborn son to fend for themselves.

  • He is let out after several years for good behavior, returns home to find that their house has been sold by Shakti; his dad has died; Parvati and his son are missing.

  • He does locate Parvati in Bombay, this is when he is told that his son was killed after being chased by Prem and run over by a vehicle.

  • Angered and out of control, he decides to kill them both, but Sujata pleads with him.

Now years later, Shankar must again be prepared to make more sacrifices - this time for Shakti's grown daughter, Aarti, who has eloped with Amar, the son of a tailor, Nand b70169992d


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