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Contessa Rose

100% Prosecco. Soft crushing, fermentation in stainless steel under controlled temperature of 18ÂC and natural fermentation of Charmat method. Pale straw yellow color with green hints. Delicate nose with fine fragrances. Fresh on the palate with good acidic balance.

contessa rose


Reviewed by: Venom Kate Quealy-Gainer Paul, Fiona . Venom. Philomel, 2012. [448p]. (The Secrets of the Eternal Rose) ISBN 978-0-399-25725-4 $17.99 Reviewed from galleys R Gr. 9-12. Fifteen-year-old contessa Cassandra Caravello has been afforded a life of luxury and privilege in Renaissance Venice, but as her impending nuptials to a boy she hardly knows loom closer, Cass is feeling more and more suffocated by the expectations that accompany her status. A small act of rebellion in the form of sneaking out one night leads her into a world of danger: she discovers the mutilated corpse of a courtesan and is subsequently threatened by the girl's murderer. The city's corrupt guard is of no help to Cass, and she finds that her only protection comes from Falco, a devilishly charming artist whom she happened to meet shortly after finding the body. The two begin to investigate the murder themselves, but as more girls go missing and Falco's behavior becomes increasingly erratic, Cass is torn between keeping silent and believing Falco's obvious lies or possibly naming the boy she has fallen in love with as the killer. The trope of a high-born lady falling in love with a bad-boy commoner has certainly been done before, but the mystery element here broadens the story's appeal. Additionally, Paul provides her characters with a depth that is not commonly seen in the genre. Both Cass's aunt and fiancé are surprisingly sympathetic, despite their role in limiting Cass's freedom, and while Falco is often a cad, he also manages to challenge Cass's worldview (when she's not occupied with steamy fantasies of him). The murderer's identity is fairly predictable, but [End Page 162] his connection to Cass and his compelling backstory is a surprise. A flood of satin gowns, painted ladies, and stifling corsets complement the Venetian background, and readers will want to join Cass and Falco's nighttime wanderings through the misty canals. 041b061a72


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