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Tamagawa Resolver Manual

When your line is down due to a failed component, waiting weeks for a replacement is unacceptable. That's why Dynapar offers the NorthStar brand R56 and RF25 heavy duty resolvers with short lead times and reduced prices as replacements for Tamagawa resolvers used in Reliance Automax Control Systems.

Tamagawa Resolver Manual


Trade in an eligible Tamagawa resolver for a $200 credit towards a new R56 with a 2 year warranty in addition to recently reduced prices. The unit does not need to be functional. Please see below for eligible models.

(1) Abnormality detectionCapable of detecting abnormal resolver signals, breaking of resolver signals, abnormal R/D conversion and abnormally high temperature of a IC(2) Built in self-test Conducts a self-test on R/D conversion and abnormality detection

Brushless resolver can be used for high accurate feedback of position and speed sensing, and pole detection of motor. Through their features of resistance for harsh environment and other reasons, they are used with motors for machine tools and robots, in steelworks.We collectively call these brushless resolvers as FA-SOLVER, and renewed their lineup to cope with a new FA era.

Multi-polar types are available.It is also possible to manufacture resolvers with a pole number responding to a pole number of a motor. They can respond to polar detection of AC motors and highly accurate motor control.

CN-0276 is a high performance 10-bit to 16-bit RDC(resolver to digital converter) circuit. The system converts the modulated output of resolver to the digital output. TheAD2S1210 provided integrated solution for accurately measures angular position and velocity with resolver. 350c69d7ab


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