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Selling at retailers for about a third the price of some of its competitors, the Costway 54 offers impressive performance. Though it's rated to -4ºF, we measured this unit reaching -8.9ºF. It also has impressive energy consumption statistics, with a pretty low power draw on a normal setting (just 50 Watts) AND an "Eco" mode to boot. The Costway is impressively large inside and has both an interior light as well as special cut-outs to accommodate tall bottles you're keeping "on ice" for your backyard shenanigans. The Costway's extra-long cords add range to its placement and are much more pleasant to move around, weighing significantly less than the rest of the compressor models in this review.

Kitchen Draw 6 0 Full Version With Crack 25l

However, the Costway isn't known for its durability or longevity. Not only does this low-priced appliance not come with a warranty, and the internet is full of user complaints of many parts breaking, but the actual model we tested was cracked upon arrival and continued to crack during testing. It also gained nearly 28ºF during our 36-hour insulation test, the most of any cooler we reviewed. And don't plan on sleeping next to this cooler unless you enjoy falling asleep to the dulcet tones of a thrumming fan. But if you can look past these downsides (we expect receiving a cracked model to be an anomaly), the Costway performs admirably compared to its much more expensive competitors.

Like most thermoelectric coolers, the Koolatron doesn't do a swift job cooling room temperature items and performs better when used in conjunction with sealed containers of ice. We quickly discovered this cooler is by far the noisiest of any model we reviewed. It's also shockingly power-hungry. And while we didn't experience any durability issues, the cord dangling out the back and overall construction doesn't give us a lot of confidence that it would last the 10+ years we'd hope to get from a compressor model. However, if a full-on compressor-powered cooler is too much for you, this little thermoelectric box does a pretty great job maintaining the temperature of its contents, cold or hot.

One of the main reasons to get a powered cooler is to be able to control the temperature of your food while you're out. All advertise their ability to do this and make various claims about how cold they can get - but what are they really capable of? We subjected these coolers to a battery of intensive tests to see where each model excels or falls short. We tested how cold each cooler can get, how quickly they cool a full load of room temperature beverages, how accurate their display is compared to the actual internal temperature, and compared these to the manufacturer's claims, as well as to each other. We also tested maximum achievable temperatures for those thermoelectric models with a heating function.

Because thermoelectric coolers work relative to ambient temperature, they can never truly compare to the impressive cooling abilities of compressor-powered coolers, which work on the same principles as your home fridge. Many models claim to be able to cool up to 40ºF below ambient temperature. When in temperatures around 75ºF, that means a thermoelectric cooler with such a rating could cool to 35º, which is within USDA safe food parameters (below 40ºF is considered safe). We tested this to see which models could reach this advertised temperature. The only models that achieved this range are the Koolatron and Wagan, which in a 67ºF room, reached 26.8ºF and 30.2F respectively. However, it's important to note that none of the larger thermoelectric coolers we tested (Knox, Koolatron, and Igloo) reached anywhere near 40ºF in room temperature conditions when they were full of sodas, and only achieved this temperature when completely empty. The only thermoelectric model to actually accomplish this was the Wagan. The tiny, 4L Cooluli Mini Fridge came close, hitting 42.8ºF, which is still not technically "safe" for food, according to the USDA. As all of their directions state, it's important to load these coolers with contents that are already at the desired temperature, as they aren't really capable of cooling room temperature contents.

The Engel is the clear winner in this category, with the lowest power draw of any model (compressor or thermoelectric) that we tested. Even the units with "Eco" modes can't compete with this impressively efficient box that pulls just 31.7 Watts, which is why the Engel is our recommendation if you're most interested in energy efficiency. The Costway is also an excellent contender for power efficiency, with a regular power draw that's lower than most of the other compressor models (50.0 W) and lower even than two of the thermoelectric coolers. It also boasts an "Eco" mode, bringing that number down to just 38.9 W. The Dometic CFX3 is nearly in the same boat, using just 50.7 Watts to cool. Not far behind, is the Alpicool, which draws 52.9 Watts in Max mode and 38.6 Watts in Eco mode.

Several of the coolers we tested have a low power draw mode, including the Costway and Alpicool. However, all the compressor models we tested also come equipped with battery monitors that can easily be programmed to one of two or three levels of sensitivity and will automatically turn the chest off when your battery reaches a critical level. In general, using a high battery protection setting conserves your battery more and will turn your cooler off with more juice remaining in your battery. This is best if your cooler is hooked up to a main power source battery, such as your car battery. However, a lower setting can be used if you're running it off an auxiliary battery. That being said, all of these coolers have slightly different shut-off trigger levels for their various levels of sensitivity. Whichever one you choose, you should read the manual carefully to know exactly how much juice it will drain from your battery before turning off and compare it to how much you need to start your car.

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