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Hi there, I'm Kat! Take a look around and see if anything piques your interest. I will be sharing my journey and passion for exploring this precious thing called life. To find the meaning of what life is. My journey started two years ago. Stephanie, my sister, passed at 41 due to Pancreatic Cancer. She lived nine (9) months after diagnosed. She had so many things left that she wanted to do and had no time. Seeing someone you love die slowly feels like torture.

The not so good part of life that awakens our soul to live!

A month after she passed, I started to focus on myself, consistent with my fitness, healthy eating habits, hot yoga, deprivation tanks, daily hike adventures, and tapping into this spark inside me to live consciously. Be Present and Aware! 

It is never too late to choose self-love and explore the road untraveled. 

I hope you join me in my project filled with unique and engaging content. I promise the content will be a lot of fun and not so sad as my story:)! Perhaps, The Spot Traveler will ignite your passions to explore the world as well.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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Flagstaff, Arizona

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